2 Extreme balls


2 Extreme balls
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Outdoor game balls that bounce on water and float leading to hours of fun in the ocean, lake or even a puddle. A polymer gel center allows the balls to have fast rebounds to bounce higher and faster


Imagine an extreme version of skipping rocks, and you’ve got the general idea behind Waboba. The creator is Jan von Heland, who back in the 1980s envisioned a ball that could skip across the surface of water. Twenty years later, he engineered a sphere with a polymer gel center, which is what gives Waboba balls their extra bounciness, and he’s been winning over Wabobians ever since.

All you need is a little water to experience total fun. You can play catch with Waboba balls, or just enjoy skimming them across the surface of a puddle, pool or ocean. We’ve never seen anything like it. Waboba
 balls bounce high, rebound fast, and skip incredibly far.

Jan’s original ball, the Waboba Extreme, works great on open water, such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and even puddles. The Waboba Blast is designed specifically for pool play; it’s lightweight, easier to catch, and doesn’t bounce as high or as far as the Extreme, so it stays within the pool area. To add another dimension to the game, The Waboba Catch glove helps players improve their catching skills and play over long distances.

Be prepared for hours of fun.

  • Set of 2
  • The first ball to bounce on water and the most versatile.
  • Its ability to bounce high and fast makes it a fun and challenging water sport enjoyable for everyone.
  • Best for ages 8 and up.